Corona CA Landscape: Enhance Your Outdoor Space

corona Ca landscape

In Corona, California, over 60% of water use goes to watering landscapes. This fact shows how crucial it is to use water wisely and make our outdoor areas both beautiful and useful.

Living in Corona gives you many ways to improve your yard. The City of Corona offers discounts of 10% to 50% on water-saving sprinklers and smart watering systems. This makes it simpler to use water wisely. Plus, the Riverside County Waste Management Department has composting workshops and gives out compost bins. These help you turn yard clippings and food waste into something useful.

Key Takeaways

  • Corona residents can take advantage of water-efficient landscaping solutions with discounts on sprinkler nozzles and smart irrigation controllers.
  • Composting workshops and bins provided by the Riverside County Waste Management Department help divert organic waste from landfills.
  • The Western Municipal Water District offers landscape guide books to inspire and assist in creating water-efficient outdoor spaces.
  • Landscaping services in Corona range from $30 to $60 on average, with varying frequency and time intervals between sessions.
  • Landscape design and build companies in Corona offer a wide range of services, including hardscaping, softscaping, water features, and outdoor living areas.

Transforming Your Outdoor Space with Sustainable Landscaping

In Corona, CA, you can make your outdoor area beautiful and support water conservation. The city offers resources to help you create a lush, water-saving yard. This way, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space while being eco-friendly.

Water-Saving Plant Palettes

Corona has picked out plants that don’t need much water and are perfect for the local weather. These water-wise plants include native and adapted species. They let you have a beautiful garden with less water use.

Sample Garden Plans

The city also has garden plans to help with your landscaping. These plans show how to use sustainable landscaping ideas. They can inspire you and help you plan your garden with water conservation in mind.

Drip Irrigation Guide

Using water wisely is key in sustainable landscaping. Corona’s drip irrigation guide teaches you how to use drip irrigation systems. This method uses less water and waters plants directly, saving you water and money.

With these tools, you can make your Corona, CA outdoor area both beautiful and water-efficient. It will look great and support the area’s green efforts.

Exploring Professional Landscape Design and Build Services in Corona

Looking to change your outdoor space in Corona, CA? Working with professional landscape design and build companies can make a big difference. They create custom, sustainable solutions that boost your property’s look and value.

Corona’s experts include landscape architects and contractors with lots of experience. They offer many services, like installing efficient irrigation systems, building patios, or designing gardens. These pros can make your outdoor dream a reality.

LTS Landscaping, led by Rudi, is a top choice in the area. People love Rudi and his team for their hard work, quick updates, and eye for detail. They’ve turned many Corona yards into stunning, useful outdoor spaces.

Landscape Design and Build Services in Corona, CA Average Cost
Landscape Design and Build $3,612
Installing a Retaining Wall $5,194
Constructing a Patio $3,306
Installing a Stone Walkway $1,649

When looking for a Corona landscape designer or contractor, check their work, experience, and what others say. Use services like HomeGuide to find top-rated experts. This way, you can compare their skills, prices, and reviews to pick the best for your project.

Professional landscape design in Corona

Choosing professional landscape design and build services is a smart move. It can greatly increase your home’s value, look, and outdoor living joy. With their skills and creativity, these pros can turn your Corona property into a beautiful oasis for you and your family to enjoy for years.

corona Ca landscape: Creating an Inviting Outdoor Oasis

Turning your outdoor area into a beautiful and useful retreat is exciting. The experts in Corona, CA, are ready to make your dream come true. They mix hardscaping, softscaping, water features, and lighting to create an inviting space that matches your home and lifestyle.


Hardscaping is key to a great outdoor space. In Corona, experts are great at making beautiful and lasting features. They use materials like concrete, pavers, and stone to make patios, decks, pathways, and more. Retaining walls help with slopes and erosion, adding beauty and function to your yard.


Softscaping adds life and beauty to your outdoor space. In Corona, designers pick plants and trees that look great and help the environment. They use water-wise systems and drought-tolerant plants for a sustainable look.

Water Features

Water features bring peace and beauty to any yard. In Corona, pros can add fountains, ponds, and waterfalls that fit your design. These add a calming touch to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Areas

Make your yard a place for fun, relaxation, and time with family. Corona’s experts design and build spaces for entertaining and chilling out. They create cozy seating, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pergolas that are both beautiful and useful.


Good lighting makes your outdoor space better. In Corona, lighting pros install modern lights that light up paths, highlight features, and create a welcoming feel. This makes your outdoor area perfect for any time of day or night.

Working with Corona’s landscape pros can turn your outdoor space into a retreat that shows off your style and lifestyle. Take the chance to make an outdoor oasis that wows and inspires you.

outdoor oasis

“Grizzly Landscape offers a wide range of services tailored to create comprehensive outdoor living spaces, blending cutting-edge design with timeless elegance.”


In Corona, CA, homeowners have a great chance to make their outdoor areas better with sustainable and expert landscaping. They can choose from water-saving plants and smart irrigation systems to custom designs and builds. With these options, they can make their dream outdoor space.

Working with local experts, Corona homeowners can turn their yards into places that are both lovely and good for the planet. These spaces will be beautiful, useful, and kind to the environment. They will be places to enjoy for many years.

Corona has grown a lot, with its population more than doubling from 1990 to 2024. This growth has brought many different living choices, from busy city life to quiet suburban areas. No matter what kind of life they like, Corona homeowners can find the right landscaping to match their style.

Bella Terra Landscape Designs is a top choice for landscaping in Corona and nearby areas. They are known for excellent customer service and creative landscaping ideas. Their team is full of experts who focus on quality, cost, and making customers happy. Thanks to their hard work, many people trust them and recommend them to others.

By using Bella Terra’s skills, Corona homeowners can make their outdoor areas the talk of the town. They can turn their yards into beautiful places that everyone will admire.


What water-saving landscaping options are available for Corona residents?

Corona offers drought-tolerant plants and water-wise varieties for beautiful, efficient landscapes. There are sample garden plans and a guide on drip irrigation to cut down on water use. Plus, there are discounts on irrigation supplies to help with sustainable landscaping.

What services do professional landscape design and build companies in Corona offer?

These companies offer full services for outdoor spaces, from design to maintenance. They work with clients to make landscapes that match their style and goals. They use sustainable practices and quality workmanship.

What landscape elements can professional design and build companies in Corona provide?

These companies provide many elements like patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens. They also offer plants, trees, and shrubs. Plus, they can add water features, outdoor living areas, and lighting for a welcoming outdoor space.

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