Can Landscaping Boost Property Value?

landscaping and property value

Does landscaping make a home worth more? Yes, it does. Research proves that a well-landscaped home can sell for 5.5% to 12.7% more. For a $300,000 home, this means an extra $16,500 to $38,100. What’s more, some landscaping projects can offer a 20% to 30% return on your money. Investing in improvements that make your yard a beautiful, low-maintenance space can really pay off. But, not every landscaping project will increase your home’s value. High-maintenance or very unique projects might not be the best idea.

Key Takeaways

  • Landscaping can increase the perceived value of a property by up to 12.7%.
  • Investing in landscaping improvements can provide a 20-30% return on investment.
  • Well-maintained lawns, trees, and curb appeal features can significantly boost property values.
  • Certain high-maintenance or overly specialized landscaping projects may decrease a home’s value.
  • Proper landscape design and maintenance can also improve residents’ quality of life and sense of community.

The Impact of Landscaping on Home Value

Landscaping is key in raising your home’s worth. Studies prove going from average to great can up your home’s value by 10-12%. This effect gets bigger with a larger area, showing how good landscaping boosts value.

Excellence Matters

Creating an outstanding landscape is hard, with only 15% making the cut. If you jump from a good to great look, your property could be worth 6-7% more. Even going from so-so to good can bump it up by 4-5%.

In the Bay Area, where homes average $1.1 million, that’s a potential $110,000 more from just your yard. This proves how valuable a well-kept outdoor area can be.

Size and Design Sophistication

The bigger the plants and the smarter the design, the better for your property’s value. Big plants add more value than the type of plants used. Design matters a lot too.

Increasing your plant size from the smallest to the largest can make your home 5% more valuable. Going from a basic design to a sophisticated one raises it by 4.5%. Local preferences also play a part in how much your effort is valued.

Landscape design sophistication

Invest in a beautiful landscape to boost your home’s value. Focus on large plants and elegant designs. Consider what local buyers like. Doing this can make your outdoor area truly add to your home’s worth.

landscaping and property value

Landscaping Projects that Increase Value

Some landscaping projects can make your home worth more. Decks are a great example. They can get back over half their cost when you sell the house. Mature trees, loved by many, can also boost a home’s value by nearly 20%.

Xeriscaping, which is drought-tolerant landscaping, can add around 10-12% to your home’s value. Items like sprinkler systems and landscape lighting also pay off well. You can expect sprinkler systems to recover 86% of what you spent to install them.

However, not all landscaping projects increase value. Some, like a big water feature, might actually lower your home’s value by thousands. An overgrown garden could reduce the value a little bit too.

Landscaping Project Average Return on Investment
Decks 50.2%
Mature Trees Up to 19%
Xeriscaping 10-12%
Sprinkler Systems 86% of $2,500 cost
Landscape Lighting Strong return
Lawn Maintenance 267% return

To increase your property value with landscaping, choose projects wisely. Go for things that look good, are easy to maintain, and suit your area. A chat with a pro landscaper might be a smart move. They can help make your outdoor area perfect for selling and enjoying.

“Well-planned and executed outdoor spaces contribute 10% to 15% of a property’s value.”



Strategic landscaping can greatly increase your property’s worth. Projects like enhancing curb appeal or adding to outdoor living areas pay off well. They could raise your home’s value by 10-20% when you sell.

It’s vital to match your landscaping plans with what people like in your area. Also, choose designs that keep upkeep and costs low. Getting advice from Local Landscaping Pros ensures you make the best choices. They can offer designs that will really boost your home’s value.

Want to make your landscaping stand out or your outdoor spaces beautiful? Investing in smart landscaping is a great move. With the right guidance, you can transform your yard. This will not only make your home look amazing but also increase its value.


Can landscaping really boost a home’s property value?

Yes, studies show a well-landscaped home can be worth 5.5% to 12.7% more. This means a 0,000 home could gain ,500 to ,100 in value.

How much of a return on investment can I expect from landscaping improvements?

Landscaping that makes the living space bigger and easier to care for can bring a 20% to 30% return.

What types of landscaping projects are most likely to increase home value?

Decks, big trees, and xeriscaping can raise your home’s value. So can sprinkler systems and beautiful landscape lighting.

How important is the quality and design of the landscaping?

Turning average landscaping into something excellent can boost your home’s value by 10-12%. Big plants add about half of this value.

The design is also crucial. But, the variety of plants matters the least.

Are there any landscaping projects that can actually decrease a home’s value?

Projects that are hard to keep up, not suitable for the area, or too unique can lower your home’s value. It’s key to think about what fits the region, upkeep, and cost.

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