Should You Tip Your Landscaper?

tipping landscapers

Only 7% of handymen in the U.S. get tips regularly. When it comes to landscapers, tipping can be a bit different. It depends on many things, like how hard the job is or how well they do it.

It’s not a must to tip your lawn care worker. But, you can if you think they did a great job. Make sure you ask their boss first about their tipping rules.

Key Takeaways

  • Tipping landscapers is not a requirement, but it can be a way to show appreciation for exceptional service.
  • Tips for large or difficult landscaping projects may range from $20 to $100 on top of the service cost.
  • For seasonal, holiday, or one-time jobs, a common tipping range is $10 to $50.
  • Factors like job difficulty, quality of work, and frequency of service can influence the appropriate tip amount.
  • Tipping can serve as a morale booster, motivating landscapers to maintain top-notch service.

Understanding Landscaper Tipping Etiquette

It’s key to know some facts about tipping your landscaper. Many landscaping companies don’t take tips. Always check with the landscaper or their company first about tipping.

Do Landscapers Accept Tips?

Tipping in landscaping is not very common, with about 1 in 10 customers tipping. Some landscapers are happy to get tips for great service or if they went the extra mile. The usual tip is about $10, but for big jobs, $50 to $100 is more fitting.

When Tipping Landscapers May Be Appropriate

Most times, tipping isn’t expected for regular lawn care. But tipping can show your thanks for great work on one-time tasks or during the season. If the work was top-notch, fast, and with a tough task, a tip could be well-deserved.

Adding a 10% to 20% yearly bonus for a regular landscaper is also a nice touch. It thanks them for their hard work the whole year.

landscaping etiquette

“Tipping practices can vary, with some tipping at the end of each visit and others waiting until the end of the season.”

When deciding to tip, think about your yard’s size, their visit frequency, work quality, and your happiness with their service. While there’s no strict rule, common ways and valuing the landscaper’s work can guide your tipping.

Tipping Landscapers: What’s the Right Amount?

Deciding how much to tip your landscaper is a personal choice. For one-time jobs, $25 to $50 is a good range. For seasonal tips, $10 to $50 is common. These amounts vary based on job size, quality of work, and team size.

Tipping shows you appreciate your landscaper’s effort. But, it’s not a must. Landscaping companies usually don’t expect tips for regular service.

If your landscaper really impresses you, go ahead and tip. For exceptional service, especially by a single worker, tipping is a great way to say thanks. Make sure to tip in cash for clarity.


Do landscapers accept tips?

A lot of landscapers welcome tips. However, it’s best to check with the boss first. This way, you find out if tipping is right. The decision to tip is yours, though, even if it’s not common.

When is tipping landscapers appropriate?

Tipping shows you’re really pleased with their work. But, make sure it’s okay with the company. You might want to tip for special or seasonal jobs, especially if the team was efficient and the job was tough. For regular service, like mowing, it’s more common to tip each season, or as a holiday thanks, rather than each visit. And, if the work was extensive or urgent, a tip might be in order, especially for outstanding efforts.

How much should you tip landscapers?

People tip differently when it comes to landscaping. Tips can be -0 for big jobs, or – for seasonal tasks. Remember, think about if the team will share the tip, how hard the job was, and its quality when choosing. Tipping is great for great service, but not a must if the company doesn’t allow it.

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