landscaping investment value

Professional landscaping, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), can boost a home’s value significantly. It may bump the resale price by 15 percent to 20 percent. And a high-quality design can return 20 percent to 30 percent of the home’s total value. Bryan McKenzie, a landscape designer, confirms this. But, not every landscaping job guarantees a higher value for your property. Some might even reduce it.

Several factors influence how much value a landscaping project can add or take away. These include the preferences in your area, the need for upkeep, and the overall design. Thinking about these factors is vital before investing in landscaping.

Key Takeaways

  • Landscaping can enhance a home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value by 15-20% on average.
  • Experts recommend spending 10-20% of a home’s current value on outdoor living spaces and landscape design.
  • Specific projects like decks, mature trees, and irrigation systems can deliver high ROI for landscaping.
  • Factors like maintenance costs and regional preferences impact the landscaping cost vs. value.
  • Investing in sustainable landscaping and working with professional landscaping services can maximize the return.

The Value of Landscaping Investment

Landscaping is a key yet often overlooked home upgrade. Studies reveal a well-kept outdoor space can boost your home’s worth. It may add between $16,500 and $38,100 value to a $300,000 home.

Landscaping and Home Value

Focusing on projects that add living space outdoors is wise. Plus, they should be easy to keep up. Industry pros suggest projects like adding a deck, planting mature trees, and xeriscaping.

  • Decks can get back 50% of what you spend when you sell.
  • Big trees might raise your property’s value by 10-12%.
  • Xeriscaping, or using less water in landscaping, is also wise.

But, don’t forget the small stuff. Things like sprinklers, proper lighting, and keeping the lawn trim can really help. For example, sprinklers might return 83% of what you spend, and good lighting could be a 59% boost.

Value-Adding Landscaping Projects

Projects that expand and enhance outdoor living spaces are key. Think about adding decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, and gardens. Fire pits and fireplaces are super popular, with a 94% approval. Hiring a skilled landscape designer can make your outdoor area beautiful and useable.

What you get out of your landscaping investment depends on what you do. Projects that are easy to maintain and add value are smart. They can not only bring in more money when you sell but make your home more enjoyable.

Landscaping investment value

landscaping investment value

Improving your home’s landscaping is a wise choice that can boost its value a lot. Studies prove that well-done landscaping can up a home’s worth by 15-20% or even more. But, not all landscaping work increases value equally.

To raise your home’s curb appeal and value, pick landscaping projects that look good and also serve a purpose. These should meet the standards of people in your area who might want to buy your home. It’s suggested to keep landscaping costs around 10-20% of your property’s value to get the best ROI.

  • An irrigation system can provide an estimated ROI of about 85-90%.
  • Trees in the front yard can increase your home’s value by an estimated 3-5%.
  • Planting native trees and plants can have an even bigger impact on home value.
  • Adding a simple patio can add 10% or more to a home’s sale price and offer an ROI of over 80%.
  • Installing outdoor lighting can provide a 50-100% ROI.
  • Spending 5% of a home’s estimated value on lawn repair can yield a 15% increase in its sale price, an estimated ROI of 150%.

Enhancing your home’s landscaping doesn’t just boost its curb appeal; it also creates useful and sustainable outdoor areas. It increases your property’s overall value. Choose projects that give a solid ROI to make the most of your landscaping investments. This way, you get to enjoy a beautiful, value-increasing landscape.

Landscaping Project Estimated ROI
Irrigation System 85-90%
Front Yard Trees 3-5% Home Value Increase
Native Plants Significant Home Value Increase
Patio Addition Over 80%
Outdoor Lighting 50-100%
Lawn Repair 150%

For more tips on increasing your landscaping’s value, check out what Local Landscaping Pros in Murrieta, CA offer. Their experts are ready to help. They aim to design landscapes that are long-lasting, appealing, and worth more, all while fitting your budget.


Choosing to boost your home’s look with landscaping is a wise decision. It can significantly raise the value and appeal of your property. To do this, you should pick projects that look good and work well, fit your area’s style, and cut down on maintenance costs.

Decide if you want help from a landscaping company or if you’d like to do it yourself. No matter what, planning well is crucial to make the most of your spending. Adding sustainable features such as solar lights or a rainwater collection system can make your home more eco-friendly and attract buyers who care about the planet.

Investing in a thoughtful landscape design can do a lot for your property. It can increase value, turn your outdoor space into a welcoming place, and bring many benefits. These include lower energy bills and a boost in happiness. Keeping up with landscaping trends and talking to experts can help you make choices that last for many years.


How much value can landscaping add to a home?

According to the ASLA, professional landscaping might bump up your home’s value by 15 to 20 percent. Bryan McKenzie, a well-known landscape designer, adds that top-notch landscape designs can also give you a 20 to 30 percent return on your investment.

What are the most financially rewarding landscaping projects?

When it comes to financial wins, experts recommend decks, mature trees, and xeriscaping. A deck can get back up to 50% of what you put in at resale. Mature trees and drought-resistant plants can up your property’s worth by 10 to 12%. Plus, things like sprinkler systems, landscape lights, and a neat lawn also mean a good investment.

How much should I budget for landscaping to maximize the return on investment?

To make the most of your investment, don’t spend more than 10-20% of what your home’s worth on landscaping. It’s vital to choose projects that are loved by many, not just a few. Remember, going overboard on something too unique or hard to maintain can actually lower your home’s value.

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