landscaper income potential

In the past two years, the need for landscaping has soared to “record highs.” This is because people are spending more time at home. They are finding new ways to enjoy their yards and outdoor spaces. A survey of small business owners found that a landscaper’s salary can be between $25,000 and $100,000. This wide range in income is influenced by the work they take, their skill level, and personal choices about salary.

Key Takeaways

  • Landscaping companies can produce operating profit margins between 10% and 50%.
  • Nearly a quarter of landscaping professionals are self-employed and work with customers on a contractual basis.
  • Landscaping business owners can earn a salary as high as $180,000, with most earning between $54,000 and $115,000.
  • A landscape owner’s salary typically ranges from 12% to 35% of the company’s revenue.
  • Landscaping presents profitable opportunities for entrepreneurs willing to invest time, effort, and labor into their business.

Landscaping Industry Outlook and Income Averages

The landscaping field is full of career chances for those who love nature and have an artistic vision. Landscapers are key in enhancing the look and usability of outdoor places, from homes to business sites. With more people wanting beautiful landscapes, the earning possibilities for landscapers are high.

What Do Landscapers Do?

Landscapers work on many jobs, like planting, watering, and cutting plants, and making paths or patios. They team up with customers to plan and achieve landscaping that makes outdoor areas nicer and more useful. They might also set up sprinklers, keep lawns maintained, and clear out unwanted plants.

Average Landscaper Salary

Based on the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), landscapers usually earn around $31,000 per year. Earnings can change a lot due to where people work, their know-how, and what they specialize in. In places like California, landscapers make about $38,000 yearly, while in Texas and Florida, it’s closer to $29,000 and $30,000.

The BLS forecasts a 10% increase in need for landscapers in the coming years, which is faster than many other jobs. This boost is thanks to more people choosing green and planet-friendly landscaping, wanting outdoor spaces to live in, and the use of tech in design.

Location Average Landscaper Salary
United States $31,000
California $38,000
Texas $29,000
Florida $30,000

Landscaper salary

Where Landscapers Earn the Most

Landscapers can make more in certain places. The average wage for landscapers across the U.S. is $37,270 yearly. But, this number changes based on where they work. Some states pay much more. Let’s look at which states pay top dollar and have a lot of landscaping jobs.

Top Paying States for Landscapers

Washington, D.C. is at the top for landscaper wages, offering $46,780 a year. Leading the states in pay are:

  1. Massachusetts: $42,890 per year
  2. Washington: $42,020 per year
  3. Vermont: $41,350 per year

States with Highest Employment of Landscapers

States like California, Florida, and Texas have lots of landscaping jobs. They don’t pay the most, but they offer many opportunities. The top five states for landscaping jobs are:

  • California: 94,560 landscapers
  • Florida: 83,280 landscapers
  • Texas: 67,860 landscapers
  • New York: 45,160 landscapers
  • Illinois: 36,880 landscapers

These states give many jobs in landscape design, lawn care, gardening services, and outdoor maintenance. Knowing where the money is can help landscapers choose the best places to work. This is key for those looking to make good money in the green industry.

Landscaper income potential

How Much Revenue Can Landscapers Generate?

Landscaping offers many chances for business growth and income. Surveys and data show the revenue range for different-sized companies. This includes what they offer in terms of services.

Typical Gross Revenue Range for Landscaping Businesses

About 60% of small business owners who work in landscaping earned under $50,000 in a year. Another 20% made between $50,000 to $100,000. The last 20% earned over $100,000, with a few reaching beyond $500,000.

Businesses making more usually have a bigger team, including more than the owner. These bigger companies might be looking to expand in 2022, possibly hiring more and giving raises.

Most landscapers are hopeful for the future, expecting their income to grow by 10% to 50% this year. This hope comes from the ongoing desire for outdoor spaces and a bigger need for upkeep.

“The landscaping industry is expected to continue growing, presenting opportunities for business expansion and increased earnings.”

To make the most of this growth, landscapers should sharpen their skills and target wealthy communities. They can also expand their services and build a strong team. Diligence in operations and smart pricing can lead to more revenue and success in this flourishing field.


The landscaping field is growing, offering great chances to earn more. Expanding skills, targeting wealthy areas, and growing the business can boost landscaper income potential. Challenges like tough competition or not enough workers do exist, but the future looks good. Landscape design income and gardening service revenue are set to increase for many.

Keeping in touch with trends and improving constantly helps a lot. This approach makes success more likely in the yard work income opportunities and horticulture business earnings area. The green industry income prospects look great. Those diving into the landscaping industry expect good income potential and chances for lasting growth.

The need for top-notch landscaping and outdoor care is going up. Landscapers with the right skills and business know-how can make the most of this growth. They’ll see the rewards of a thriving landscaping career.


What do landscapers do?

Landscapers help design and care for outdoor areas. They plant and maintain trees, flowers, and more. This includes fertilizing, trimming, and watering plants.Some also work on hardscapes or put in lawns and sprinklers. Their clients range from homeowners to businesses like hotels and shopping areas.

What is the average salary for landscapers?

The typical wage for a landscaper is .94 an hour or ,240 annually. The best 10% make over ,630 per year.

Which states have the highest average salaries for landscapers?

Washington, D.C. leads with a yearly mean salary of ,780 for landscapers. Massachusetts follows at ,890, with Washington and Vermont close behind.

Which states have the highest employment of landscapers?

California employs the most landscapers, with 94,560, followed by Florida and Texas. Next are New York and Illinois in the employment count.

What is the typical gross revenue range for landscaping businesses?

Most landscapers report earning up to ,000 in gross revenue. A smaller group, about 20%, make ,000 to 0,000. Another 20% earn from 0,000 up to over 0,000.

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